Thursday, July 25, 2013

Multimedia 2 Projects

     Here are my first of  two projects for Multimedia 2 class, as you know there was also a Final Project which is the Music Video I posted. The first project we did was a 30 sec commerical for Keiser University. I had some technical issues with uploading. I edited my video weeks ago, than last night when I started uploading my final projects to YouTube I left my computer on the couch. Well, I have a 2 year old, she woke my up saying the computer was broken. I looked at it Adobe Premiere was open and YouTube was closed. So Just fingured she exited YouTube. So I just uploaded again, not thinking. So I got to class and my teacher advised me to look at the video. TaDa!! Parts of my video where missing and there was some extra added in at the end. I guess Zan' Drea did some editing of her own? Anyway, here is the final product.

     For the second project we shot a How-To video, and everyone edited their own version of that. Here is my final product of that.

     Hope you enjoyed my projects. :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Behind the Music Video

      In my Multimedia 2 class we where given a list of songs from a recent performance by British Invasion and assigned to create a music video in Adobe Premier Pro. I chose the song Satisfaction. I started out with video clips from 3 different cameras, 3 different angles. I picked the clip with the best audio and used that for the audio throughout the music video. I synced the other 2 video clips to align with the audio from that clip. Than I began my editing. The master clip was a view from a balcony which I didn't really like that much. So I used that clip sparingly, I prefer the angles with a closer view. I decided to add a title to the video similar to how you see a video on tv. I also used dissolving to make some of my jump cuts a little cleaner. Overall the project took me approx. 3 hours to edit start to finish. Hope you enjoy the finished product!