Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Intro to Marketing and Self Promotion Questions

1. What information did you find most interesting in this class?  What Chapter did you find to be boring?
     In this class I found alot of the text book to be very boring. This is mainly because 90% of it is information that just plain common since. Of course a when you work with someone everyone involved is looking to profit. Thats kinda the point of getting into the business of design. :) 
     The information I found most interesting was that even though only 30% of designers are considered freelancers, 80% of designers also freelance on the side. I think this is awesome, I mean how many other industries do you have so much freelancing going on!! 

2. What did you learn that you think you'll use throughout your career?
      I think the information I will use throughout my career from this class is probably how the industry's positions are labeled. As well as the chapter on compensation.

3. What did you SEE this month that inspired you? (in or out of the class)

      This month I seen so much stuff on pinterest that inspires me all the time. Check out my pinterest page here

Branding Zanette McCoy

     This week we focused on branding ourselves.  This was my favorite project thus far,  I sat down and recreated my logo. Now I have a logo that I truly love.

Our assignment was to brand our professional online persona. This would be any social media outlets, websites, and blogs but it is not limited to those. I branded my Twitter acct, my Facebook page, both of my blogs and I created a Linked In acct. My brand is centered on legacy preservation. To me legacy preservation can be something as simple as preserving your family photos by digitizing them to creating a legacy, which could be creating a brands identity. When I say identity, I am referring to logos, forms, and any form of advertising. Of course its on limited to just those things, I am just giving general examples.

Here is my non school related blog: Zanette McCoy

Of course you are reading my school related blog, Zanette's School Life - Ramblings of a Design Student,  just in case I change something, here's a picture
Here is my Linked In Page
Here is my Facebook Page
Here is my Twitter Page

Zanette McCoy

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brewz Crewz Poster

     For this weeks project we were assigned to create a Brewz Crewz poster for 2013. Our restrictions where that the layout and information remain the same. Since thats most of the poster, it doesnt really leave alot of play room. I began in Adobe Illustrator, with a blank 11x17 poster. I recreated a similar verison of the background in last years poster. I recreated the glass of beer in the center by using Adobe Photoshop, to erase the background off of a picture of a beer. I added the Brewz Crewz  glass art in photoshop as well. Than I played around with the fonts. Since the layout and all the information had to remain the same I went on Da Font to find some fun fonts to use. I ended up using the following fonts:
  • Cafe Nero M54
  • From the Street Art (my favorite, was used for the Brewz Crewz title, Glass Art, and Logo)
  • Freshman
  • Helvetica
  • Chocolate Box
  • Chanpignon
  • Chopin Script

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Renegade Cakes

For this week's project in my Intro to Marketing and Self-Promotion class, we were given Renegade Cakes and instructed to create a logo, color pallete for their website, and business cards for the 3 employees.  I really struggled with getting started since I didn even have a clue what the word renegade meant. After some research I'm still not sure what exactly a renegade cake is. a cake that was a traitor to other cakes? I'm not sure. Anyway back to the project... I started with the logo first.

I knew I wanted to do something funky with the R, so in Adobe Illustrator, I used Jokerman font and reflected it, to make it backwards. I finished the word renegade in Malihini Cuban BTN font than I used Liorah font for the word Cakes.

For the business cards I wanted in corporate a photo of one or more of their cakes. But most of them have a majority white background, or are sitting on something white. Which forced me to have to use the entire image. That's not what I wanted but I also didn't want o use a image of a cake that they didn't make. Which left me in a dilemma. Sacrifice and use a entire image or use one of someone else's images. I chose to sacrifice. since it don't like as awful as I thought i would. It just looks very basic. Which isn't bad, its just not what I wanted.

For my colour palette I used :
C-15, M-100, Y-90, K-10
C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-100

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Right & Left Brain Functions Poster

So in my new class, Into to Marketing and Self Promotion, we were assigned a project this week to create a poster. in photoshop,  that had to include everyone in out class's facce. That was later changed to girls vs boys. We (the girls) did right vs. left brain functions. There was only two of us , so we decided to photoshop our faces together to create one full face. Corrin, my partner in class, was the right side of the face and she did the work for the right side brain functions, and of course I did the lelft sid brain functions and my face was the left side. I really wanted to post the completed poster on her but it says the image is to large. I will get help on reducing the file and attatch it at a later date.

Edited to Add:
Okay so I got with my instructor and got the file size changed. Here is our finished poster.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finished Project for week 4

So I just finished my package design for the second time. At first I had a package that looked like a piece of candy similar to a jolly rancher. But I got to class today only to discover I had not saved to my thumb drive so in order to turn it in today, I had to do it over. This time I picked a reg box for my candy box. I made less graphics this time since i was on a time crunch. So heres my finished project.

Week 4 Intro to Graphic Arts drawings

Here are my week 4 drawings the first is my poor attempt at 3d looking boxes. The second is a hobo squirrel smoking. Lol