Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Intro to Graphic Arts week 4

This week's project is to create a package design for a gift to the client from the Graphic Design Company that we did a identity package for last week. So I need to think of what type of gift I would like to present to my clients of Creative Designs by Zanette. I was thinking some type of candy bag. I would like to do something really extravagant like a box, except, i have no idea how to fold a box from a sheet of printed paper. So we will see what happens... Stay tuned for the finished project.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Intro to Graphic Design week 3

This week's project was to create an identity package (logo, letterhead, envelope, and business card) for a new Graphic Design Firm. I really struggled with this project since I wanted to treat it as if I was my own client. Now, I am my own wort critic. If its not perfect than I don't even want to turn it in. I had to step back a couple of times and realize I have only been doing this for 3 weeks, so of course its not going to be the best thing I ever seen. I will probably create a logo for my other blog. and it will probably be similar to the one I created for this project.
For this project I called my firm Creative Designs by Zanette. I know its not really a good name for a firm but what I say, I like things to revolve around me. ;) And this no different. So here's my logo I created
So what do you think? I like that my name is center of attention and the Z is pink its the only color in the logo so it stands out more. I like it, mostly. I would have liked to fit 'Creative Designs by' more to the top of the Z but I really couldn't figure that out and I have very limited time to work on it. I only had 3 days to do the project and I worked full 8 hour shifts all three days. I think it could use something else, I feel like its missing something but I'm no professional yet and I'm still learning the program so for now this is what I got.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Intro to Graphic Arts Week 2

     This week in class we were introduced to  Adobe Photoshop. I have never previously used Photoshop, but it seemed pretty easy once i got over the learning curve from the change from Adobe Illustrator. I do like that you can touch up photographs and correct scratches in family heirloom photos. 
     I can defiantly see myself using this program to assist in my scrapbooking because all those old family photos that I have yet to scrap, due to I didn't like the scratches or bend in them can now be edited. I can correct all those boo-boos and create those family tree pages, that I have been planning in my head for ages.
     We had 2 tutorials to complete that used Photoshop. I had some serious difficulties with the "Save As" in Photoshop. I could click on the "save as" in the drop down but nothing would ever happen. Luckily, I was able to save my work under the previously saved state and to to class and do the save as to change the doc title and format there. My husband had the same issue as well. 
      For our project this week we created tri-fold menus. I did one for Taco Bell. I enjoyed creating my menu and managed to only go get Taco Bell once while working on the project.  Looking at
 all those photos of tacos, chalupas and nachos is so hunger inducing!! Looking back I wish I would have picked another restaurant instead of Taco Bell because their menu is so extensive that fitting the entire menu onto a letter side tri-fold menu was challenging and didn't leave much play room.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Intro to Graphic Arts Week 1

As a part of my degree plan (Design and Multimedia) at Keiser University, I am required to keep a blog. This blog is to contain content related to Design and Multimedia.

So week 1 of classes was a little bit stressful because I realized that I need alot of time to complete my lab projects. The issue is I also work full time and have 3 kids to balance as well, so spending all my free time at school, just isn't going to work out. Than, on Wednesday, my professor Mrs. Percy told us about the Adobe Cloud. I came home and started looking into it. After maybe 20 min of research I decided to jump on it. Adobe Cloud is a program manager that is 49.99 a month and you get access to all Adobe products. So I now have access to Illustrator at home, and no longer need to go in to school for lab time. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!  That was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. now I cam work on my homework while at the park with my kids. yay!

As part of the class, we do 2 sketches a week. I pin my sketches on to my pinterest account under the board Design and Mutimedia. You can veiw my sketches here and here.