Friday, November 22, 2013

Delivery Systems 2 week 4

This week we focused on our last project. Project 3 was a group project to create a 12 page site on Keiser Graphics Department. Let me start out by saying I DESPISE GROUP PROJECTS! I cannot stand that I have to rely on someone else to get the job completed. Yes, I have control issues. I have accepted that and am ok with it. I just didn't have the time or ability to under take the stress of group leader. So I took a step back with this project...kinda...not really.  I agreed to do one of the pages of the group member that did the css and put the site together. Well of course said group member didn't show to the last day of class. So I ended up doing the extra page and still working on putting the site together. I worked with the other member of night class to put our portion of the site up. Everyone else... well everyone else is on their own. I cant allow myself to take on the stress of whether or not they rest of the class will actually do their work. Mine is done.

Delivery Systems 2 week 3

This week I finished up project 1 than began project 2. Project 2 is a 3 page site on anything. I chose to create a Biography site on myself. I had great ideas to include some of my genealogy pedigree charts. Of course this didn't work out as planed. I never transfered my genealogy research to my Macbook Pro when I bought it. Which tells you I haven't worked on genealogy in a year. I intend to transfer everything from my little pink laptop to my Macbook Pro over Christmas break.

Delivery Systems 2 week 2

     This week I began research on my first project. The first project is to create a 5 page website taking a stand on a hot topic. I chose to do the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin murder case. This was a big mistake. There is so much info and I wanted to go really in depth and show how he was guilty. I just didn't have the time to create the site that I really wanted to create. That would have taken MONTHS to put together. Instead of a supper detailed site I ended up creating a site that basically is just a overview of the case. No real details just the basics. Although I really liked the design of the site its self, I am extremely disappointed in how it turned out. Once you in vision awesomeness anything other than that is really just crap in your eyes.

Delivery Systems 2 week 1

During week one I didn't get allot accomplished. I had pneumonia, which caused me to miss the entire first week of class and fall slightly behind. But I will catch back up and get back on top of my game!

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