Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Delivery Systems 3 week 4

So last week I focused on getting all my content written for my SEO site, side the research and writing take the most time, I figured I could transfer it to a website easily this week. Well, my plan was great, but my execution was horrendous. I actually forgot to save my Word file, and lost all my research, notes and final draft. Thats right a whole week of work is GONE! I cried, not just a few tears either, full on ugly cried complete with snotty tissues and a meltdown. Than I contemplated, can I pull off a passing grade without this project? Maybe, but oh, how it would hurt my precious GPA. Is it worth the risk? Probably not. Do I have time to rewrite the whole thing? Doubtful. So what now? Throw together  what ever you can. No, it won't be as good as the original, but hell, its better than a zero. ANYTHING is better than a ZERO. So here it is, halfway through week 4, halfway done with the SEO project, with still another to complete. I am pretty positive I will be lucky to pull off a C on the last 2 projects. Now I wonder if maybe I could just retake the class. I'm pretty sure it will still effect my GPA though. Anyways, that is where I am. I really need to get back to my projects.

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